college ready

Accountability tables for Hawley ISD that were released by TEA. Across the state STAAR performance declined significantly. All schools felt the impact of students missing instruction. We want to congratulate Hawley High School. There was a SIGNIFICANT increase in the number of kids who were considered to be college or career ready. The component score went up from a 36 in 2019 to a 53 in 2021. Some of the things that contributed to the increase were significant improvement in the number of students meeting ACT/SAT requirements, as well as TSI criteria, which measures the ability to be successful in the first year of college without remedial classes. We also had more students earning Dual Credit and more students passing an AP exam. That is a tremendous accomplishment in any school year, but especially so with the struggles we have seen over the past 18 months. The High School was the campus most significantly hit by COVID last year. Thank you to the High School Staff for all of your hard work!