Flower Pot Families

"The lesson, Flower pots and Families!
 It revolves around teaching my students how fragile families are, but that just because they might crack or even break doesn't mean they can't be mended. 
The students break the flowerpots with hammers, they then label all the broken pieces with things that could break a family. 
They then had to work together in groups of 2 this year, to reconstruct the flowerpots using only duct tape. They then labeled the tape with ways a family can be mend.
The students collaborate, work and yes even fight to rebuild their families.  

We took this lesson a couple steps further and first planted seeds to see if our families could continue to grow in our broken pots.
I explained that some would not make it, but some, despite being cracked and having some weak spots, will.
Secondly the students are required to keep caring and nurturing for their seedlings and record their progress.

 Well today I went to check their log calendars  and we have seedlings beginning to sprout!
The students are so excited!" Laura Roberts